SQL Accounting

SQL Accounting Software

It just fits your business

  • Organizes your finances intelligently in one place.

  • Track sales, purchases and collections.

  • Maintain and keep your inventory up-to-date.

  • Generate and print useful info with advanced analytic tool.

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  • Business Modules

    SQL Accounting software gives you a combination of powerful business modules.
  • Customization

    Create and deploy customized business software and custom reports that works for you.
  • Data Protection

    Ensured data integrity, authenticated data access and online backups.
  • Application Interface

    Create custom client application built to integrate with SQL Accounting software.

SQL Account Overview

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Business Modules

It highlight some of the key feature for SQL Accounting System. SQL Accounting Features:

No Month/Year End
Real Time Posting
License To Database
D.I.Y. Field
Service Tax Invoice
Unlimited level of Sub Account

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SQL Power Search
Built in Report Builder
Security Setting
Work anytime/anywhere
Simple drill down
Copy & paste
Export to external file format
Trusted & Reliable

Business Modules

Getting things done more

Explore the amazing features that make SQL Accounting one the best software for business. Work more efficiently with true real-time posting and seamlessly integrated modules. Store virtually unlimited years of business data for better decision-base analysis with Open Period solution.

Generate professional grade business reports with dynamic re-balancing of report structure and self-tuning query optimization. Enjoy scalable cost effective deployment, increased system performance and ease of maintenance powered by a robust client-server architecture.

Discover more features of SQL Accounting


Your software should be as flexible as your business

The SQL Accounting software can be customized to make your work even more simpler, efficient and overall more productive.

Create new forms with custom SQL Accounting DIY fields and built-in visual components in an easy drag and drop interface. Enhance business logic with flexible SQL Accounting DIY script module to suite your business. Create, save, and edit custom reports that present the information you want to see and designed in the way you want to see it.

All customization can be easily deployed to all employees anywhere, anytime with SQL Accounting Control Center and SQL Accounting Report Designer.

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Data Protection

Safe and secure

Keep your data accurate and consistent with PSQL (Procedural SQL) working behind. Safeguard your data by setting authentications for your employees. Backup your data anytime without needing to shut down. You can now continue working while a backup runs, allowing 24x7 operation.

Application Interface

Build and connect

Create integrations and develop client applications with the Estream SQLSDK. It is a simple application COM Interface where you can securely gain access to SQL Accounting records.

SQLSDK supports multiple programming languages such as Javascript, VBScript, ASP and Delphi.

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