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Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting Software - Fixed Assets Module

固定资产折旧(Assets Depreciation)在会计方面,扮演着非常重要的角色。一般上,公司只能用Excel去处理然后再输入进会计系统,这是一个繁琐而会且计员工很容易犯错。这里有一项对于SQL会计软件用户的好消息,大家一直期待的SQL 固定资产折旧模块 (SQL Fixed Assets Module) 终于推出了。它包含Opening, 折旧计算以及报告。让我们看看它如何运作。

Fixed Assets Depreciation plays an important role in every company accounting process. But companies normally can only use Excel to manage it and re-key back to the accounting system. This is tedious and account staff can easily make mistakes. Good News to all SQL Accounting System users, the long-waited SQL Fixed Assets Module has finally launched. It includes, Fixed Assets Opening, Depreciation Calculation, and Reports. Let’s check out how it works.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting Software - Supplier Customer Item Code


When your supplier or customer is a big organisation, it is normal that they will request you to transact with them according to their Item Code or Item Description instead of using your own. Example, if you send purchase order to Coca-Cola manufacturer, or sell Coca-Cola to AEON, they may request you transact using their item code to ease their burden without need to translate/convert your item code during entry into their system. So, let see how SQL Accounting System Customer/Supplier Item Code work for you.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting System - Learning Costing Method - Understand why you are making loss when doing sales

有时候,你可能听到别人抱怨他们不明白为何他们所销售的东西赚幅是100%,并没有计算来价成本,又或就算卖价高过买价也会亏钱。这是因为成本计算法(Costing Method)。任何销售物品的商家,必须了解如何通过不同的成本计算法去算出单件货品的成本与价值,以使到你能选择运用哪一种适合你的成本计算法并能准确的设定售价以达到你要的销售净利率(Profit Margin)。一起学习为成本计算法吧!

Sometimes, you may hear people complaining they do not understand why the profit margin of their product is 100% and not factor in the stock cost, or why they still make loss even the selling price seems higher that the purchase cost. This is because incorrect Stock Cost and Stock Value. For any business that are selling product, you need to understand how is the cost and value of each item is generated by using different costing method, so that you can decide on which method that best suit you. By then, you are able to set the item price by using accurate item cost, which ultimately achieve the profit margin that you want. Let’s learn Costing method!

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting Software - Recurring Invoice and Charging Late Payment Interest Module

For companies especially Property Management companies that need to generate hundreds or even thousands of Invoices every month with the same amount or need to charge late payment interest on overdue amount, it definitely a lengthy and tiring hassle job. With SQL Accounting System Recurring Invoice and Charging Late Payment Interest Module. It will be definitely be a great relieve for you. Let’s check out how it works.


Effective 1 September 2022-New Salary Ceiling for SOCSO Contribution Increase From RM4000 to RM5000

Effective 1 September 2022 a new salary ceiling for SOCSO Contribution will increase from RM4000 to RM5000. According to SOCSO, the contribution amount for employees earning more than RM5,000 monthly will follow the salary ceiling limit of RM5,000.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Payroll Batch Email Payslip

每个月,公司都需要准备工资单给员工。这项工作会变得复杂特别是员工都在不同地点上班或没有回办公室。除了 SQL的ePayslip, 员工可以自己通过手机里的SQL eLeave程式拿到工资单外,另一个热门的解决方案就是以一个按键批量电邮工资单给所有员工。你甚至可以为工资单增设密码。让我们看看如何运作。
Every month, company need to prepare Payslip to all the employees. This is a tedious job especially when employees are base at different locations or some of them may not back to office. Beside using SQL ePayslip where staff can self retrieve their payslip via SQL eLeave Mobile Apps, there is another popular solution, where you can batch email the payslip to all the staff and even with password protection. Lets's check out, how it work.

Ask Bryan Cheong - Starting 1st September 2022, Employment Act 1955 No Longer Limit By Wages RM2000 but It Will Cover All Employees.

Starting 1st September 2022, Employment Act 1955 No Longer Limit By Wages RM2000 but It Will Cover All Employees.
Do you know how to calculate OT? Have you prepare extra money to pay OT?

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting Software - Disable Editing For Certain Parts In Transaction

When your company have multi user to update SQL Accounting System, by default, you can enable a specific user whether can edit a certain transaction such as Delivery Order or Invoice. But you can not specify, which section or fields of the transaction can be edited and which cannot be edited. By using the Enable Editing customisation, now it’s very convenience for you to set the Editing Right to one more level for each user. Let’s check it out.

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