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Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting System - Handling Withholding Tax in SQL Accounting Software

您公司有用海外的服务或软件吗?你知道你是否需要缴付预扣税(Withholding Tax)吗?


Is your company using foreign service provider for their service or software? Do you know you need to pay Withholding Tax?
Example advertise on , Facebook and Google, also need to pay Withholding Tax.
If not pay according to the time frame, you will bare extra penalty!Let check out how SQL Accounting Software handle Withholding Tax.

Ask Bryan Cheong - Wages Formula| Leave Entitlements | OT Formula

Attention to everyone, this is one of the most important post for that you must keep. Formula for Monthly Wages, Weekly Wages, Daily Wages, Hourly Wages, Annual Leave Entitlement, Sick Leave Entitlement, Termination Notice Period, Overtime Calculation according to Employment Act 1955 Malaysia.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting System - Serverlink Private Cloud



By using Serverlink, you can now make your current SQL Accounting System or SQL Payroll System to be web accessible without subscribing to SQL Cloud.

You can even restrict users only able to access SQL Software from HQ server and not others programs, files or folder. Let's explore Private Cloud Technology.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting System - Excel Import

SQL Accounting Software Excel Import is extremely useful when you have a third-party system that manage your Invoicing. Instead of re-key all the Invoice one by one back to SQL Accounting System, you can now, just export those customer info and transactions into Excel then import into SQL Accounting Software with few simple click. Let’s check this out.

Ask Bryan Cheong - SQL Accounting System - Auto Fill Up Project and Location

Is your SQL Accounting System users always make mistake in selecting Project and Location?If that is the case, let's check out the “Auto Fill Up Project and Location" customisation. Even they have wrongly select the project or location during transaction, SQL Accounting System will Auto set back to the pre-fixed Project and Location for that user in User Maintenance, when they save the document.

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