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Ransomware infection has been in a constant rise for the past few years. Once infected, all files stored in the victim's computer, and even those connected to it, are encrypted and are no longer accessible by the victim.

The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim, promising to provide the decrypt code so that the files could be recovered. The victim either pays the ransom (with no guarantee that the data can be retrieved), or loses all important files forever.




In the event of a ransomware attack, your accounting data might be at risk if you are backing up your data using USB/external hard drive, PC/Server or NAS via network, as these backup copies are likely being infected, too.

Having anti-virus software helps preventing malware in your PC, but it may not detect the ransomware in time, as it is getting more sophisticated on each new version.

Introducing DoubleShield, A System Designed To Secure Your Accounting Data With Double-Layer Protections

Daily Backup and Monitoring Alerts
30 Snapshots Backup
Ransom Prevention Guaranteed

Double Shield removes your problems such as

Heavy Investments
Expensive IT personnel
Troublesome Proper Backup
Forget to backup
Backup not working properly
No Time and No Resources

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