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IFC Document Management System (Electronic Document Management System) is an integrated document control, approval workflow and knowledge management system / software / solution that provides a mean for any organization to totally control of its time and data.

IFC Document Management System (DMS) is specially designed to include the requirement for ISO / OHSAS / HACCP / TS / GMP / FDA document control, office workflow document control environment or as an e-filing storage system (with content search).

The complex and powerful approval engine of IFC Document Management System (DMS) makes any kind of approval routes possible. Most importantly, IFC Document Management System (DMS) prevents unauthorized copying of company important documents which normally faced by using shared file server.

IFC Document Management System (DMS) inherits all the industrial best practices; it is a stable, powerful and proven solution by various industries for more than 7 years. We provide 3 editions (Enterprise, Standard and Office Workflow) of the IFC DMS solution to cater various industrial needs.

Some of the features
  • Compliance with ISO / OHSAS / HACCP / TS / GMP / FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and other quality standards
  • Suitable to use as an ISO Document Control Solution or ISO Document Management System (ISO DMS)
  • Electronic Approval and Distribution
  • Able to handle the approval rules of different companies (user configurable)
  • Unlimited level of approval routes, support 3 types of approval route - serial, parallel type 1 and parallel type 2
  • Backup approver/delegation
  • Batch approval in approval module
  • User customized form through Form Builder with HTML content design, could virtually route any office form for approval
  • Check-in/Check-out feature for document revision
  • Versioning, Document Access user group (security)
  • Able to directly convert MS Office documents to PDF with watermark during publication including Document Number and Revision Number (using Open Office or MS Office conversion Library)
  • Able to directly convert document to graphic format which could limit the unauthorized content copying and downloading
  • OCR capability, could directly convert your PDF, XLS, DOC or Graphic attachment to searchable content
  • Batch upload scanned documents or schedule email uploading integration
  • Read / Un-read document indicator and history to keep track of when, which and how many documents have been read by particular users
  • Windows 2003/2008 LDAP Authentication for organizations which have an existing organizational directory with usernames and passwords
  • Attach multiple documents/drawings in a single form (very useful for taking care of the supporting documents)
  • Set Next Review Date for reviewing certain processes/documents time to time for process continuous improvement. With Past Review / About To Review Documents monitoring listing
  • Electronics table Form Export capability to your backend system
  • Multiple Standard Clauses link. Could easily create links to related quality standard clauses (like the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard)
  • Auto disable printing for previous revision document
  • Key Performance Index (KPI) Report to monitor the effectiveness on the document control in your organization
  • Attach document during the approval process for approver / reviewer to add comment
  • Assignment or Taskflow modules for task tracking (like CAR, NCR, PCN or ECN)
  • Customizable to integrate with other backend application
  • Cost effective! Modular and affordable for most of the industries

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